Volunteers provide “gap” services such as:

  1. Transportation – is our single most requested service. The majority of our transportation services are directly linked to the client’s health. Transportation to Boston, Burlington, MA, Manchester and Nashua is sometimes available for those needing medical care outside the Greater Salem area. The program allows individuals to practice preventative health care by making it possible for them to see a doctor regularly; otherwise, the lack of public transportation and the cost of a taxi would make doctor visits prohibitive.
  2. Errands
  3. Referrals – Greater Salem Caregivers receives referrals from private physicians, local hospitals, clergy and family, as well as self-referrals from the individuals seeing assistance. An intake interview is conducted which allows us to prioritize requests and determine the need for service. All requests are considered individually to determine the need for services and if Greater Salem Caregivers is the appropriate service agency. If the client can be better served through another agency, Greater Salem Caregivers will make the referral at the client’s request.
  4. Grocery Shopping – Food for the Homebound insures that individuals who can not drive or are homebound get their groceries. Volunteers provide assistance with carrying bags, reading labels and putting away groceries. Some volunteers even shop for individuals who are unable to leave their home. Needless to say, meeting this very basic human need helps individuals remain in their own homes for a much longer time.
  5. Respite
  6. Education/Support Groups for Family Caregivers
  7. Friendly Visiting – Friendly Visitor Program is an important program designed to address the needs of individuals who are homebound and have little social contact. Volunteer visitors are trained to address the special needs of those who are lonely or alone. Visits are usually conducted on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and range from 1-3 hours in length.

A Staff Member meets with the person requesting services in their home to evaluate how Caregivers can help. Caregivers staff provides referrals to appropriate professional agencies, assistance in locating services and support for adult working children trying to balance both work and family commitments.

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